Friday, February 19, 2010

woo hoo~

For me...this is jus a very boring festival since i was not a child~
i dun like cny song because most r noisy~
i dun like fire cracker because it is noisy too~and it cause air pollution~
gambling?the only activity i can do during cny but i won't continue after i start losing my money =p

Visit grandma's house in the afternoon~
we went after lunch at home..surprise to see my grandma and grandpa ate mc d as their lunch @.@
there r no aircond in grandma's house~and the fan is turning with low speed==
even i jus sitting and watching tv at there~i still can feel i was sweating~i waited 3hours for my relatives to come~and finally we started gambling at 4pm~finally i dun hav to rot at there~
watching tv..
my eldest sis=doctor yap
my mama
and papa~

I went back to my home at night~same to my relatives~they continue to gambling at my house~
and i continue to rot and rot~until i go out yamcha~but i missed the 捞生 part ==

i wore this on tat day~but it make me suffer T.T!
Watched movie with my dear sisters~七十二家租客~
although my relatives who watched this movie gave negative comment~
but for me~i laugh from beginning until the end~haha~recommend for those who wanna watch comedy~
my eldest sis nvr miss to go honeymoon dessert house when she come back to kl~
and has her 芝麻糊 at there~she ordered a 年糕 too~but the comment i can give is 'yucks'~
my parents keeeeeeep calling us because we had to visit my relative's house in the evening~
so we rushed back and straightly went there after we back to home~
my time to rot started again~i even slept on the sofa in my relative's house~by the time i woke up,i saw a lot unknown relatives walking at there ==
met my cousin there~ every time i meet her,her hair's co lour changes ~now change to black again~chat and chat and watched ip man there==

碰!! Time to play mahjong with my sisters~actually i jus noe 鸡糊 ~and we didn't gamble~jus play for fun~my sis even sambil makan sambil play with us~not enough kaki to play after my eldest sis back to sarawak~
not feeling well after mahjong session =( ~
slept for the whole afternoon~
and end up~
insomnia at night~i won't sleep at afternoon again!!
usually i sleep at 2am~but i slept 3 hours in the afternoon~so my time to bed delayed to 5am too ==

i was rotting at my house on 年初四~

went the stupid campus again~
dunno y those officer always not in office~and always like to ask ppl to come later or come on another day~
unexpected amount of ppl in sunway pyramid tgv@,@~long queue until i think i nid about 45 minutes to buy ticket~
forgot to take photo in sam's house~haha~had bbq in his house but the only thing i bakar by myself is marshmallow~haha~quite nice
his dog name is abe?sound like albee~haha
1st time eat unprocessed sugar cane~although i think i prefer those processed d~but is so fun to chew it~haha
sorry to my high skul mate because i didn't join the gathering~but i think u all still hav fun at tat night,rite?hehe

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

good bye to foundation~

i know i seriously very lazy...
seldom upload the blog~
dunno y i can't reply for the comment for last post~
thanks for concern~break because the feeling come to the end..
and i m not emo anymore
i m having my short holiday now^^
luckily it is short~because i feel that i m rotting now for the boredom~
forgot to mention that~i hav finished my foundation in business on 27 january 2010~
and thanks to my 'family'~i had my unforgettable and special 'graduation trip' with them~
and thanks for tp who provide us place to sleep =p~
hehe~it actually jus a kl trip....but it become special because of the ppl who sign up for this trip~haha
and thanks to that nite~C like a da ga jie on tat nite~but on the other day she become the brainless C again~haha~now i feel more relax when i talk with both of u~
since tat most of the time i m the one who bring camera..
guess how many photo we hav took?
there are 700++~use up a lot of spaces in my pc~haha
miss the moment with u all~
the moment we at satay...sing k....sunway lagoon..and especially hav lunch with u all^^
although we took a lot photo~but is hard to find a 全家福~and now i find this only~

~happy family~

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Back to single

it start at 17,end at17~
and thanks it became part of my sweet memories~

Thursday, December 3, 2009

remember tis room?hehe..tis is room of mun ve... she posted that she ady cleaned her room~haha~guess wat we do?we spot check her room today^^tis also thanks to miss alicia hav end the class earlier so we hav the chance to go her room~haha
surprisingly~her room seriously bcome cleaner n tidier now!!and tis is the photo we took today~let compare~haha
But i still can find sumthing interesting in her room~
i saw she use hairband to use to tie a pack of biscuit~

and tis softlan is used by her to mop the floor~

found broken mirror~guess hu is in the mirror?
my lui lui with me on mun ve 's bed~hehe

the first week of my third sem is over~
miss sarah is so nice and i like her smile~
miss alicia seldom smile but she end class early~
seem tat we always end class early
have to arrange more activities after class,rite?haha

Thursday, November 19, 2009


Finally,i come back to upload something~haha~almost forget existence of this blog due to the busy life last sem~

We have planned for trip for so long~although there was only 6 of us instead of the original plan which was 12 ppl~but there were still a lot of fun^^

We took aeroline to penang because it is more convenient~it cost us more than 100 bucks~
but we enjoyed it also bcause it is comfortable~
headset were given for video entertainment~although i can't watch the tv bcause the chair in front of me block my vision~pillow are given too^^u can also request for blanket~
the meal given on the way to penang
mineral water too^^

Even we still not reach the age 21 to book a hotel AND we still holding P license and we havn't reach age 23 to rent a car~but money make all the things possible~ we still success at the end^^~
this is the hotel we stayed~quite far from gurney plaza~but we walked to there on our first nite~and we had our dinner there^^
Actually we had nothing to do on the first nite, jus played card in hotel n chatted a lot~hehe
and of course..we had wine sponsored by kian ping^^
I nearly drop from the bed when i was sleeping>,<

On the second day, we rent a car and start our food hunting.
We always have lunch in AC in subang but this time we saw Asia Cafe in Penang when we are on the way to pasar near kek lok si!

At the evening, we decide to visit beach of Batu ferringi~It was suffer to take ride on a overcrowed wira~sumore the way to batu ferringi is rugged@.@~Aft a long ride , we choose hard rock hotel~It is damn nice~the decoration, swimming pool and the beach~surprise to see horses there~but i m not interested to waste my money to get a ride on it~

We had our dinner on a unmoveable ship~haha~THE SHIP^^~It was quite embarrassing to wear short and t-shirt which look more like pyjamas to enter this restaurant~i love the escargot but the main course i ordered hurt my ulcer so much =( ~the quality of food not much difference from the The Ship in KL^^..

We enjoyed the facilities in our hotel...we played pool, ping pong and swimming pool~
they even jump into the swimming pool at nite~it is so cold and i choose to be a photographer^^
photo at the edge of swimming pool~can see the night view from here~
ya, we played beach volley ball too~actually just played on the sand the hotel took from the beach opposite it~and i got bruise on my right hand after the game==it still not recovered after the third day~

Pity mun ve kept on vomited on the last day~she can't eat har mee in the morning next time jor~haha

tissue killer has to rest now~bb @,@

Saturday, October 10, 2009

yuen steamboat

Finally~our award from YED which is held on June was used for celebration on Wednesday~Actually is jus a simple dinner in Yuen steamboat~is in buffet style
Before the dinner, we still have about an hour left so yin min,qiqi and i decided to rest in mun ve room...i can say that this a typical student room ~and...... it is so messy~haha~

can u imagine tat this is a room of a cute little girl?

my dear mun ve is playing pc and yin min is reading magazine

and the most terrible thing i found in her room is this...
appletiser in bath room~

After this,we headed to yuen at about 5pm~we have invited all the tutor who taught us at last sem~but only Ang and Ms chen came~and of course all the member from 2.3 came except for Andy and Willy~However,it did not affect our appetites^^~we grabbed a lot of food and seafood^^~but our pity yin min can only eat vege and instant noodle~haha~however seafood on tat day is not as fresh as last time i ate at here~in addition, no scallop here==~
and i wonder y the staft off the air cond when we were eating~it is hot until all girl in our table tied up their hair!

can u see the noodle?most of the noodle was eaten by yin min~

group photo of girls

Kian ping brought a bottle of red wine on tat nite too~I can't drink bcause i still have to drive back alone~anyway~there were fun to see ppl mabuk~haha

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

deng deng deng deng~surprise!




hari raya唱k我还真的是第一次~还蛮不便宜的~RM40++~


我第一次自己驾车去Mid valley~我终于会路了^^~